FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW | Camile Charrière

I can’t even define for how many years Camile Charrièrre is a style icon to me. In 2010 she left a law career to pursue a career as a fashion… Blogger? Writer? Icon? Well, she became a Person of Interest in the street style/fashion scene very quickly: I’ve always loved to read her posts and, nowadays, can’t live without her (and Monica Ainley’s) podcast, Fashion No Filter.

The years gone by and we left our daily check up at fashion blogs to an every hour check at Instagram, where the algorythim lead to a feed whith mostly “the same people” everyday. I lost touch with some style icons (and didn’t even noticed), and – yes – Camile was one of those icons.

Recently her posts came back to my feed and i can only hope they don’t leave anytime soon (because #style, but also she got engaged so we are dying to see the dress and the ceremony) .

Well, let’s check the latest (and so cool) Camile’s looks. And, obviously, take notes! ❤


Charisma, that expression of the soul, is a rare quality. Such an attribute, unlike beauty, does not extinguish with time or even with the furious blow that is death. It is eternal, imperishable and forever a source of inspiration. Despite her vast collection of iconic outfits, it’s always in Diana’s eyes that I linger. A stammering stare that seems to both shine with love and fall with sadness. I imagine her waving, concave hand and small wrist twists, like only princesses do, feeling tears forming up inside her, stopping their way out with a smile.

As abundant as the emotions in her eyes, was her wardrobe. I hope that there, wherever is the divine place muses go to after their last breath, she continues to parade with shoulder pads, cyclist shorts and balloon sleeves.

P.s: Maybe one day the British Fashion Council could hold a runaway show with pieces from Lady D’s archive ❤